Global Health: The health of the planet will depend on access to rapidly changing technologies and to resources allowing a multilevel growth of human communities. Because many low-middle-income areas of the world (developing countries as well as underserved areas present in every rich country) are affected by limited education, access to services, lack of policies and human rights, the development of impactful initiatives must be consistent with the goal to address individual needs by taking into consideration the whole socio-economic and cultural context of the society. To this goal, our initiatives will be aimed at supporting patients in need by providing resources directly, but also indirectly through the engagement of local governments and financial institutions that can all benefit from a positive outcome of health care.

Our Idea: 

  • YOU Foundation aims at improving access to health care of patients with cancer in Low Middle Income Countries by making the financial burden of cancer care sustainable with the engagement of key constituents of the Country
  • But howFacilitating the interlink among the main actors of the local economy and cancer patients to lower the costs to patients and families, increase job opportunities by providing professional training and develop corporate social investment networking in the country (⇒ common goal – common good)

The Nepal Project